The Arabic Program

The Arabic Curriculum offered at AIS is a comprehensive Arabic language program that aims at developing the learners’ communication skills in Standard Arabic. Students are offered a great experience when it comes to learning their mother language “Arabic” where modern and traditional teaching ways are simultaneously integrated. Both Arabic and Islamic Departments are the outcome of many years of experience and planning where they strive to create the best learning journey is the first motive and the ultimate goal of our Arabic department team.

The Arabic curriculum is standard-based integrating both the Saudi national program and the IB diploma Standards. The Arabic curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students enrolled in AIS. AIS strives to inquire the sense of appreciation of our mother language and the love to learn it. Students use Arabic in their classes, in assemblies, and at home when communicating with their friends. Arabic is a mandatory language in AIS for all students.  They are exposed to Arabic classes almost every teaching day.

Arabic Classes Are Divided Into Two Programs:

Supportive Arabic Language Program (SAL)

Offered in all grade levels, is designed for non-Arabic native speakers. The term “supportive” indicates that the students are non-heritage learners whose mother tongue or dominant home language is other than Arabic.

Such students are placed in a supportive Arabic program to overcome their Arabic academic gaps and to improve their writing and speaking skills.

Regular Arabic Language Program (RAL)

Offered in all grade levels, is designed for native speakers.