Students’ Attendance Letter

Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new students and look forward to seeing our beloved returning students again. We also hope that everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.

Kindly note that the Ministry of Education set regulations (HERE) as follows:
– Pre-K to Grade 6 students should follow the online teaching scenario until the end of October after which they shift to regular teaching based on MoE’s further decision.
– Grades 7-12 students will operate physically from school under the condition that they are fully vaccinated (two doses), otherwise they will attend all classes virtually from home and will not be allowed to access the school campus until they get the full vaccination.

Unfortunately, a big percentage amongst our students “Grades 7-12” did not get their vaccination yet, and most of them did not even get the first dose. Consequently, a small percentage of students will be attending school while the majority of them must attend online. Based on this and to give parents adequate time to vaccinate their children and/or arrive from outside KSA due to COVID flight restrictions and regulations and in order to deliver a homogenous effective learning process to all our valued students, our action plan for students’ attendance will be as follows:

Stage 1
August 29 – September 9

  • All classes will be fully online for all grades Pre-K to Grade 12. All students will receive invitations for their Google classrooms after which they register accordingly.
  • Students join Google classrooms to attend assigned classes, check their homework, read announcements and watch recorded lessons if needed.
  • A newsletter along with schedules for this stage will be sent on Thursday, August 26.

Stage 2
September 12 – October 31:

  • Pre-K to Grade 6 will continue to follow the virtual scenario as per the MoE announced regulations
  • Grades 7 – 12 will shift to the regular teaching scenario under the condition that students getvaccinated before September 12 in order to prevent any potential dangerous outcome of theCovid-19 pandemic. The health, safety and overall well-being of our students and school community is our major concern at the time being. We urge all parents to help in this matter and make it as their top priority.

Stage 3
November 1 – June 30:

  • All classes will hopefully be operating from school for all grades Pre-K to Grade 12(as per future MoE’s regulations)

This academic year is critical as we are shifting back from online to in-person education. Therefore, we would like to ask for solidarity among staff, parents, and students to smoothly streamline this transition and ensure the highest possible quality of learning.
YIS is keenly preparing a suitable, safe environment with clear guidelines for students and staff members. Such guidelines and procedures will help in minimizing the negative impact of the virus and protect all present stakeholders once they attend school physically, however, this cannot be fully implemented without parents’ support to fasten the vaccination process for their children.

As a reminder, the schedule for textbooks and school uniform distribution will be as follows:

TimingGradesAnnounced Dates
10:00 – 15:007-12Wednesday 25th of August
1-6Thursday 26th of August
KindergartenSunday 29th of August

Looking forward to seeing you very soon, until then STAY SAFE.


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