Welcome to the Primary School at YIS,

The Primary School at YIS is a five-year cycle (Grade 1 – Grade 5) that offers education to children aged 6-11.

Academic achievement is our main goal where we stress the importance of educating every leaner as a whole by cherishing individual talents and creating curious learners. The ultimate goal of education at the YIS Primary School is to raise internationally minded individuals who are compassionate, responsible, and knowledgeable problem solvers.

Our school provides a safe, welcoming, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. The Primary curriculum follows the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP). In every classroom teachers and students learn together, work together, investigate together and have fun together.

Throughout Primary School, we are committed to providing a caring educational environment that inspires every learner to love learning and cherish school life.

The medium of instruction is English. Arabic together with National Identity Subjects (Islamic Studies, Quran and Saudi History & Geography) are mandatory for all grade levels. A supportive Arabic program is available to YIS students who have lived abroad and qualify for exemption from the regular programs. All subjects follow an integrated approach to gaining knowledge using the Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework.

YIS emphasizes inquiry approaches to education that allow students to learn through play, discovery, experimentation, and questioning

YIS Primary School Team


Our Students’ Educational Experience Is Strengthened By Offering:

English Language
Social Studies
Arabic Language
Islamic Studies
The Holy Quran
Physical Education

We are committed to a successful educational partnership between home and school. We believe that educators and parents alike contribute to our students’ growth and development as these combined efforts shall provide the best possible educational experience for our beloved students. This strong partnership will help individual children reach their true potential and aim for personal excellence.

YIS Primary School Team