Welcome to the Middle School at YIS

The Middle School at YIS is a three-year cycle (Grade 6 – Grade 8) that offers education to children aged 12-14. At YIS Middle School, we strive to provide a rigorous and balanced program as a student leaves Primary School and enters High School. Middle School is a time when children embark upon new adventures in their journey of learning. Young adolescents go through rapid and profound changes during the years 12-14 and our Middle Years Program “MYP” supports the students’ academic, social, and emotional needs during this very intense period of change and development.

Currently, YIS is an IB-MYP candidate school. End of March 2021, Next AY 2021-2022, we will host an MYP Virtual Verification visit to get accredited for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB-MYP). YIS’s ultimate academic goal is to become a continuum IB World School by offering all IB Programmes (PYP, MYP, and DP) and accredited by well-known international organizations.

Our program is designed so that students feel comfortable pursuing academic opportunities and exploring who they are as individuals and as members of a community. We aim to create a school climate that is safe, trusting, inviting, and caring. Our curriculum is challenging, integrated, and exploratory with varied teaching and learning approaches within and across different subject areas. The middle school child is drawn to learning by a caring, understanding and supportive faculty who understand and appreciate the unique developmental stage of the middle school students.

The Middle School consists of Grades 6 through 8 and uses the IB-MYP frameworks. Students take a variety of classes including Language and Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran, Saudi History & Geography, Physical Education, Computer, French, and Arts.


Middle School Subjects

English Language & Literature
Social Studies
Arabic Language
Islamic Studies
The Holy Quran
Physical Education
Saudi History & Geography

Our teachers are experts in their subject areas and they value the academic, social, and emotional development of our young learners as they transition from the primary years to adolescence; a transition that can be challenging, yet exciting. Our Middle School team helps young adults develop the skills needed to be successful in High School and beyond.

We encourage students to participate in the many athletic and academic extra-curricular offered after school. These activities help students develop the skills needed to excel academically and live a healthy and balanced life.

We will inspire our students to follow their dreams while allowing them to inspire us to do the same.
We look forward to getting to know you and your child.

YIS Middle School Team