Welcome to YIS High School Community

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the High School division of Yusr International School (YIS). The High School at YIS is a four-year cycle (Grade 9 – Grade 12) that offers education to children aged 15-18.

Our exceptional faculty and support staff are of different nationalities. They continuously encourage students to develop to their fullest potential, challenge each learner to excel academically, and develop students’ personal attributes and interests.

Our team believes passionately in the student’s overall development and understands its importance throughout adolescence and in preparation for post high school studies and adulthood beyond education. Upon graduation, our students proudly enter many of the world’s well known universities as well as to Saudi’s top-rated universities.

YIS High School Team


High School Subjects

English Language & Literature
Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus & Calculus)
Social Studies
Arabic Language
Islamic Studies
The Holy Quran
Physical Education
Saudi History & Geography
World History
World Geography
Elective Courses

Arabic and all National Identity Subjects are compulsory courses for all students. The High School division offers a wide array of courses which allow students to obtain a solid foundation in core academic subjects, then focus their interests in preparation for their future university paths.

Academic consistency comes through critical thinking and problem-solving, evaluation and innovation. At YIS, we are committed to expanding student understanding of course content and skills. We provide varied instructional opportunities within the classroom to engage students and make learning accessible through a range of assessments to allow students demonstrate understanding in multiple ways and reflect knowledge.

YIS’s American Diploma is based on the American curricula and is awarded after successfully meeting all graduation criteria. Students accumulate credits toward graduation and credits are earned based on final grades. Throughout the four high school years, graduates receive their YIS high school diploma based on the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 88 credits are required.
  • Transfer students will have their official transcripts reviewed and added to the remaining academic years at YIS.
  • Students must earn a minimum grade point average of 0.7 on a 4.3-point scale.
  • Students must submit a complete graduation project.

This academic year, YIS houses its largest senior class to date. Class of 2021, consists of 137 memorable graduates who are preparing to set sail on the next chapter of their lives after having developed as members of the Yusr Family for the past couple of years. We hope that the lessons and experiences they have learned at YIS will provide them with a strong well rounded base to support them throughout their future endeavors as independent individuals.
Whether you are a current member of our YIS family or visiting our website as a potential student, parent, or employee, we look forward to welcoming you to our school.

YIS High School Team