Bus Services

AIS provides a safe and reliable school bus service for our students. Each bus is led by a qualified driver and a bus monitor to ensure the health and safety of the students at all times, as well as a friendly and familiar face each day.


Type of Transportation Service

Two-way/full service

SR 6,000 per academic year

One-way/half service

SR 4,200 per academic year


To provide a better service and ensure we live our mission every day of the year, we have the following practices in place:

• Driver Certification

Our drivers meet all the required certifications needed to drive a school bus and are all under the school’s sponsorship.

• Bus Maintenance

The school is keen to keep all the school buses in good shape. our buses go through regular routine maintenance and, when unforeseen repairs are necessary, they are repaired immediately.

• Communication

Our transportation department send out flyers and call parents personally if they were impacted or late due to traffic and/or sudden delay.

• Caring

Our drivers care about your kids. they are usually the first person to see your son or daughter in the morning and the last school employee to say “good-bye”. we know you’re counting on us to deliver safe and friendly service. we value you and your children. we also value the positive relationship we have with you.

General Guidelines:

Below are major guidelines that students should follow when registered in AIS buses:

Do not delay the school bus route even for few minutes.

Show respect to the bus driver and listen to all instructions.

Wait for the bus in a secured place and stand back away from the curb.

It is strongly recommended that a parent or an adult accompany their child(ren) to the bus.

Remain seated and face the front of the bus at all times.

Talk quietly. no loud shouting, screaming, or singing is allowed.

No eating or drinking on the bus.

Do not stand up until the bus has stopped.

Fighting on a bus is an automatic loss of bus riding privileges.

Sabotage or causing damage to the bus incurs penalties and financial charges and may lead to permanent denial of bus riding privileges.