Our Vision

Education for Life.

Our Mission

Over the years, we have developed our school on a foundation based upon effective management, committed staff and regular assessment of pupils work. Our mission is to empower our students with knowledge, skills, character and a passion for learning so as to enable them to thrive as contributing citizens in a diverse and changing society.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: Being accountable for your individual and collective actions to yourself and others.
  • Perfection: Perfection is the way to accomplish our ambitions and become distinguished in our field.  Therefore, we equip and update our environment and staff accordingly.
  • Learning: As a learning organization, we never stop acquiring knowledge by utilizing all available resources.  Therefore, learning is an aspect of our culture.
  • Innovation: We believe that innovation is creative thinking, enhanced skills, simulative environment, and outstanding achievements. Our quest to excel in this field has no limits.
  • Partnership: Students, parents, and the society are our partners.  Therefore, we invest in open communication and sincere dialogue in an honest manner with them.
  • Integrity: We believe integrity necessitates truthfulness, honesty, shura, respect, justice, and freedom. We live by these authentic values which govern our schools and our actions.
  • Respect: Having regard for yourself and others; accepting the right of others to hold differing or opposing views.
  • Honesty: Being sincere in your thoughts, words and actions to yourself and to others

Goals and Beliefs